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Service Due—Oil Change

An oil change is one of the most common necessary services for any vehicle, and taking your Volkswagen or Audi to a specialist, like us, is important, even for something as routine as an oil change because there is a difference in service to your vehicle when taken to specialists versus one of many drive-by commercial speedy lubes.

Volkswagen and Audi engines require synthetic oil and it is important to use the correct specification of synthetic oil for maximum engine longevity. There are several different specifications, such as 505.00 or 504.00/507.00, etc., which, of course, is dependent on your vehicle’s engine.

Both Volkswagen and Audi recommend the oil be changed every 10,000 miles—we recommend every 5,000 miles. This cuts down on oil burning, especially for turbo charged engines. Stretching oil changes to 10,000 miles also excessively degrades the oil causing it to lose its lubricity thereby accelerating engine wear.

pre-filling the oil filter with synthetic oil before lubricating the o-ring

new oil filter installed

Along with changing the oil and filter, we change the drain plug, and sealing washer for the drain plug, and we torque the drain plug to prevent over or under tightening, which can damage the oil pan.

new drain plug with built-in washer, drain plug installed, torquing the drain plug

And while your vehicle is in for an oil change we conduct a thorough, multi-point inspection. This includes:

  • tires—pressure, tread depth, and wear

  • brakes—pads and rotors, general wear

  • suspension—joints, bushings, springs, and struts

  • exhaust—leaks and broken hangers

  • general under-the-hood including belts, hoses, and fluid levels

  • headlights and taillights

  • window functions

  • windshield wipers, washers, and squirters

  • etc.

Prefer to do-it-yourself? We sell a complete oil change kit, which includes the correct synthetic oil, the drain plug, and the filter specific for your vehicle.

oil change kit for a Jetta TDI; includes synthetic oil, filter with o-ring, and drain plug

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