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Note to Customers, COVID-19

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Pb European Service will currently be maintaining our normal business hours for servicing your Volkswagen and Audi vehicles as the services we provide remain essential to many.

Your health and well-being, as well as our own, is a priority during this time with risk of exposure to COVID-19. As a precaution we will be sanitizing the interior of your vehicle when it arrives and again before it leaves. Our courtesy vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized as well prior to being given over to you, and again when they are returned to us.

We will be wearing protective gloves at all times when inside your vehicle, just as we do when working under the hood, again in an effort to limit risk.

Our office will also be daily sanitized as we work to do everything we reasonably can to reduce risk to you and to us.

Please note that until further notice, our office is closed and as such we will not be allowing customers to wait for their vehicles in our office. Please take advantage of one of our available courtesy vehicles or arrange to be picked up from our facility. As always we do offer before and after hours drop off/pick up of your vehicle and of courtesy vehicles.

We support all efforts to limit interactions as much as possible and are enforcing those efforts, which include taking payment over the telephone, and communicating via text, email, and telephone.

Please know that we are taking care not to come to work should any of us knowingly become exposed to the virus or present symptoms. And in the event that any of our employees do knowingly become exposed or present symptoms, we will let you, our customers, know immediately, and we will take immediate and necessary steps as advised by health care professions. We will also do all that we reasonably can at that time to make appropriate and timely accommodations with regard to completing the service of vehicles already at our facility and, if necessary, reschedule service appointments already on the schedule.

Thank you for your support.

Doug Pauly and Alexis Neff

Business Owners, Pb European Service

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