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Pb European Service is a small, local, independent business established in 2017 by Doug Pauly and Alexis Neff.

Doug has been working on the maintenance and repair of vehicles since he was a youth. He has a degree in both mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering and has been exclusively servicing Volkswagens and Audis for more than twenty-five years. His work has been featured in both Euro Tuner Magazine and Performance VW Magazine. He is one of the founding partners at BP Design, the parent company of Fifteen52, and the founder and former partner, master diagnostician, and master technician of Reflex Tuning, which received the Hippo Best Shop in 2014 under his ownership. Nearing the end of 2016, he received an incredible offer to sell his half of Reflex Tuning, which he took, seeing it as an opportunity to start new, following a similar, but more refined business model, with more personal involvement and more customer-oriented. He’s a both our master diagnostician and lead master technician, teaching and leading our team of technicians in properly servicing and maintaining customer vehicles.

When scheduling service you’ll meet Alexis—she’s the voice on the other end of the telephone, emails, and texts. She works directly with customers to schedule, write, and advise service. She’s also the business owner and manager, web designer, and social media manager. She works both in the office and from home (and sometimes while on the road). Her primary focus is to meet and exceed customer expectations through vehicle education and recommended maintenance or otherwise necessary services for optimal customer satisfaction and overall vehicle and engine longevity.

In 2019, Ashley joined Pb European Service with an initial interest in learning only the basics in vehicle maintenance and repair so that she would be able to service her own vehicles. Quickly realizing she had a bigger interest and a knack for mechanics, she began full time apprenticeship training. Today she is a solid B level technician, well on her way to A level, with a goal to become a master technician. Along with completing many of the regular maintenance services, she also completes the more technical repair services, and she leads the way in the maintenance, repair, and building of engines, including cylinder head and block rebuilding, etc. She is always cautious and caring in the work that she performs, is never afraid to ask a question before moving forward, and she maintains wonderful attention to detail in every service she performs.

Together the Pb European Service family enjoys meeting with customers and building lasting relationships while helping each of you to understand and maintain your vehicles for optimal performance and longevity.

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