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Ready, Set, Alignment!

After several months of planning our Hunter Hawkeye Alignment Machine and Lift have been installed and calibrated!

The front of our shop and office have been designed and planned specifically around the alignment machine, including the concrete pit that the lift sits in so that it does not protrude from the floor. We designed the lifting surface to be flush with the floor to avoid potential damage to front bumpers that can be caused by other types of alignment lift installations, especially on vehicles that have been lowered. Your Volkswagen or Audi should be aligned at least once a year for several reasons, including avoiding premature tire wear and spotting suspension problems or wear. We recommend doing so at the end of spring, post "pothole season," if you hit something and then notice a change in the way your vehicle handles, when your vehicle gets new tires, and if the steering rack is replaced.

Call today to schedule your alignment and feel the incredible difference such a service makes!

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