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Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning Service

Since the first Volkswagen and Audi direct injection engines, such as the 2.0fsi and 2.0tfsi, showed up in 2006, they have been plagued with intake carbon issues. Oils stick to the backs of the valves and disrupt airflow into the engine causing all kinds of running issues. Symptoms can be anything from a simple hesitation upon acceleration to a complete cylinder misfire coupled with a flashing “Check Engine” light. Anything with a direct injection engine such as the VW GTI, Jetta, or Audi A3, A4, A5, TT, or Q5 can fall victim to this problem.

The only way to fix it is to disassemble the intake manifold and clean it all out. Over the years we’ve developed a proprietary process that is simple, effective, and non-invasive for the internals of your engine. Pictured are a few of the different stages of our process.

“Before” picture: you are looking at the intake valves where the air enters the engine. None of that black stuff belongs there!

This shows the cleaning after we’ve taken some of the heavier buildup off. You can definitely see how much carbon there was!

Clean and done! This engine is ready for another 100,000 miles!

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