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Failed Rear Main Seal

Original rear main seals on 2009-2016 B8 A4’s tend to fall apart causing oil to leak. Oil will drip off either the engine oil pan or the front of the transmission—be aware that other leaks can cause oil to drip from this same location as well. Also, the engine will run rough and, of course, the issue will produce a check engine light.

On the left is the failed rear main seal in two pieces. The seal itself was glued to the metal. On the right is the new updated rear main seal. The seal is encapsulated to the metal.

The rear main seal is located at the rear of the engine between the engine and the transmission and seals the crankshaft as it exits the engine. When the seal fails, the transmission has to be removed. The failed seal is then taken out, everything is cleaned well, and reassembled with a new updated seal.

The transmission is removed, everything is cleaned, and ready for reassembly.

Rear main seals can also fail on any Volkswagen or Audi with 2.0tfsi engines. The new updated rear main seal should not fail in the future.

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