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Diagnostics: A Step-by-Step Process

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Diagnostics of a vehicle is sometimes simple, but sometimes it’s not. The process is the same regardless: start with the most common problem regarding the overall issue and go down the list.

When a customer recently brought in her 2015 Volkswagen Beetle with complaint of air conditioning malfunction, we first made sure there was Freon in the system—there was. Next we scanned the vehicle and tested any sensors that were throwing codes. Then we checked the fuses to be sure everything was getting power properly. That is where we found the issue: a blown fuse. We changed it and now the air conditioner functions as it should.

For every system in a vehicle there are certain basic things that have to function correctly for that system to run properly. Experience has taught us that it is best to start with the most common problem facing the whole issue. The issue is very rarely resolved at the starting point, but systematically going down a checklist, beginning with the most common problems and working through to the least common problems has proven to be most effective in resolving issues and restoring the system.

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